Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Paul Cayard on Miami SORC

The Farr 40 class has landed in Miami this week for the second regatta of the spring. Thirty boats will be competing over four days, from March 6-9 with ten races scheduled. The fleet is extremely competitive with several new boats launched this spring. We just got our new Warpath and yesterday was our first sail. So far, things feel pretty good so I am optimistic that we will have a little bump in our performance over Key West.

There is a lot more to getting a new boat ready to go than just ordering one. Dave Armitage, our mainsheet trimmer and sail designer, has done a really nice job getting all our Quantum sails built in time and they look very good. The boat has a new Southern Spars rig and Even Evens has installed the new B&G H3000 instrument package onboard. Brad Fitzgerald and his team at Fitzgerald Racing have put the perfect bottom on the boat (nice bottoms are good in sailing too). Chris Cantrick and CT Olander who work for the Howes, did a great job preparing the boat. The crew has been working on all the details here the past two days and it will continue for a while until every detail is perfect.

So here we are, ready to roll, heading toward the world championship in April. The Farr 40 World Championships will be also in Miami so we are getting plenty of time on this race track and should feel very comfortable with the weather here by then.

Tomorrow's forecast is for a very light day with possibly up to 10 knots in the morning and then dying through the day. So we are docking out at 0800 with the Barking Mad crew to get some early sailing in with our light air sails.
We had the weigh in today so now we are off to dinner which should be a bit of a feast. - Paul Cayard