Thursday, March 13, 2008

Buying Sailing Gear From The USA

As the U.S. dollar continues to weaken it is becoming an advantage to the foreign customer to buy sailing gear from U.S. based companies like Camet International. Camet International is a U.S based manufacturer and retailer of sailing apparel that has been a leader in the industry, specifically with their sailing shorts. The shorts are seen by many as one of the best sailing products on the market for their durability and design.

Camet has begun to look into expanding into the foreign markets as the dollar weakens and give foreigners more buying power. "We are looking into opening up distribution channels into Europe and the Southern Hemisphere. We feel that it is the right time as the dollar is low."said Brian Camet. "It is a completely new game as the economy is shifting and we are looking to new dealers to take advantage of a weak dollar and the ability to get a great product for their customers!" As hard times hit the United States, it looks as if the rest of the world is going to benefit on the exchange rate! We will have to see what the future will hold, but for now and into the near future the advantage is to those living outside the U.S. - Mark Jones