Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bostik heads to Wellington

Photo Jean-Marie Liot - SailingOne

Bostik at the end of the week in Wellington - New Zealand
Here in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand but also the capital of the Roaring Forties on the 41° South Latitude, everything is going under way between SailingOne’s team, Bostik’s New Zealand team, the City of Wellington and the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club to welcome Bostik, the first Veolia Oceans® one-design.
And it’s going to be a very warm welcome from New Zealand! Charles Caudrelier and Liz Wardley are getting closer to the end of this first leg of the round-the-world Reconnaissance Tour of the SolOceans, most probably on Thursday in the late afternoon, after a strong slowdown during the last week-end due to mild weather conditions for the season at the South-East of New Zealand. As always at the end of such a navigation in the Indian Ocean, it is going to be a relief to dismount but also a satisfaction for Charles to have accomplished a beautiful job while it was his first navigation in those hostile oceans and for Liz Wardley to be back in this part of the world where her roots are. - Full Story