Sunday, March 9, 2008

2008 Acura Miami Grand Prix- Final Race Day

Photo Credit: Stuart Hartley Checkout the guy on the first spreader!
2008 Acura Miami Grand Prix- Final Race Day: From Paul Cayard
Short story:
Warpath won the day and we finished third, 1 point out of second and 5 points out of first.

Long story:
The wind was very shifty today. We played the shifts very well and worked through the fleet in the first race to win by a healthy margin. In the second race, we were over the start line early, started last, and got in phase while amazingly most of the fleet was out of phase and we marched through to finish 5th!

It doesn't get better than today. Looking forward, we have to eliminate the two bad races and keep our top 6 consistency and we will be in good shape for the World Championship next month.

Running for the plane. Out. - Paul