Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maxi Worlds Coastal Race

ROLEX/Daniel Forster
From Paul Cayard

Race day 2 got underway at 1300 after a 1.5 hour delay with seven knot Easterly wind. Another "Coastal Race" was on the cards for today. The Mini Maxi Class was given a 25 mile course which consisted of a two mile windward leg, an eight mile downwind leg in the Bicce Channel around a mark called Secca di Tremonti and then a six mile starboard tack/fetch out to Monaci and up to the PeveroBay mark, with a short run into the finish.

Onboard Moneypenny we did not have a great day. We had a bad start and could not proceed to the right which was the favored way to go. Alpha Junior got the best start and "owned" the right. They were first to the windward mark followed closely by Numbers and Rosebud.

On the run, we managed to gain on Rosebud and both of us on Numbers. Coming to the leeward mark we were side by side with Rosebud but they managed (forced) their way around the mark ahead of us. On the fetch, we sailed through their lee and got to Monaci two lengths ahead of them. They cut the rocks closer than us to retake the lead which they never relinquished. It was a long port tack fetch up to the last rounding mark in Pevero Bay and no places changed there.
Numbers won the race on corrected time, Alegra, a Mills 68 was second, Rosebud third, Alpha Romeo Junior fourth and we on Moneypenny were fifth.

Tomorrow's forecast is for a stronger Southeast wind which will bring more waves as well.
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