Friday, September 5, 2008



Dear Speedboat Supporter

Thanks for checking in on us.

We have decided to come off standby in August and save our energy for a higher probability weather window in September and October. It has been a tough call as it means that we won’t be competing in the Rolex Maxi Worlds, but such a big part of this boats concept was about it being the perfect platform to break records, and so it was decided a shame to give up on the optimum months of the year for an attempt for a regatta in the Med around the buoys.

We will confirm the rest of the boats schedule once we have been across the Atlantic.
The world of the Speedboat is in exciting times, we have a new mainsail on the floor at North Sails New Zealand as a back up and many of you may have even heard that we are considering structural changes???

Well its true, we are seriously thinking of changing the Lucky piece of wood that Stan and I use for our superstition so that it holds five pencils and not four!!! Apart from that I can promise you that the boat is in perfect condition and raring to go. We will use the time over the next few weeks though just to check and double check that she is as ready as possible to charge across the Atlantic.

Thanks again for checking in

Kind regards
Mike Sanderson