Friday, November 9, 2007

ECOVER Pushing South

Photo by Mark Llyod
Update form ECOVER: We are heading in to the 5th day of the TJV and it has been a fascinating first phase of the race. We have seen the full range of conditions for the boats and our first chance to see how we sit in the pack. Passing Finisterre heading south is always a milestone for any sailor, racing or cruising, when getting out of Northern Europe. The first couple of days of the race were very light and sketchy and not really conditions that we have had chance to look at the boat in prior to the race. Mike & Bruno have been trying sails and configurations that have been completely untested before on this boat. Some times these work out and sometimes you feel that for that wind speed and angle it's not working. You still need to give it an hour or so to be a useful test but often the initial gut feeling is right. - Read the full report @