Saturday, November 10, 2007

Muy Peligroso

LONG BEACH, Calif.---Mike Campbell and Dale Williams’ Kernan 70, Peligroso, has won the 2007 Long Beach to Cabo San Lucas International Yacht Race on corrected handicap time. Finishing just before midnight Tuesday at 11:54 p.m. PDT, Peligroso’s crew used good tactics and strong Mexican breezes to take the win. “It was a great race,” Campbell said. “It was pretty much a rhumbline race because the race is downwind all the way.

We sailed most of the race with our chute up and lots of jibes. We had wind all the way down. “On Tuesday we had 18-20 knots in the morning and were doing 15.7 knots for six hours. Then it really started to blow in the afternoon at 20-22. The closer we got to the finish line, the less wind we had, but we sailed with wind all the way to the finish.

We had such a good group of guys on this trip, a really great crew.” During the race Peligroso and Doug Baker’s Andrews 80, Magnitude 80, swapped the corrected time lead back and forth. Both Campbell and Mag 80’s navigator, Ernie Richau, felt Peligroso had more consistent wind all the way to the finish. Mag 80 crossed the finish line first on Tuesday at 4:43 p.m. PDT, but was second overall on corrected time. -LBYC