Monday, November 19, 2007

Good News / Bad News

Jonathan McKee sends us a update from BRW:
The bad news is that we got really hammered yesterday, and it is going to get worse today relative to the fleet. We sat in little or no wind all day and most of the night, often barely moving. That was rather frustrating to say the least, especially when you know others have wind. So it was a pretty tough day onboard. More bad news is that we are still struggling to get out of the light air bubble, currently just 6 knots, while most of the fleet have good breeze and are sailing away.
The good news is that there is still 24,000 miles of racing to go (you may not consider that good news). Hopefully this won't turn into a permanant fleet separation, although that is a possibility, and there will be other opportunities to get back into the race. That remains to be seen. The other good news is that we did not freak out or have a fight or anything else permanatly damaging. So we are still racing hard as a team, a bit frustrated but doing the best with what we have. We also got some boat work done in the calm weather! And the dolphins have been excellent.