Monday, November 19, 2007

Sloop Nationals

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REGATTA HIGHLIGHTS: 2007-2008 ICSA Sloop National Championship
Friday: Sailing got underway at 11 am with sunny conditions and breeze from the south at 18-26, with higher gusts. Courses were W2's with a leeward gate and ran about 40 minutes per race. There was 1 breakdown (broken headstay, St. Mary's). There were also a few spectacular wipeouts downwind (Navy and St. Mary's), Racing resumes again tomorrow morning, I will post updated results then. Forecast is more southerly, but with less velocity. RC is hoping to complete the rotation tomorrow.

Saturday was a lighter affair. We had excellent breeze in the morning, but it died to nothing after lunch and did not return until after 3. Teams were AP'd to shore while the RC waited, more races could have been attempted, but they would have been of poor quality and not a fair test of skill. There were no protests or breakdowns. The wind looks on the lighter side again this morning (5-10), but enough to finish the rotation if it holds. Teams are rigging up now.

1 St.Mary's 12
2 Boston College 19
3 Navy 25
4 Western Washington 36
5 Texas A&M Galveston 40