Thursday, November 1, 2007

J105 North Americans 2007 Daily Log

The first race went off without a hitch. We were in the first start and the predictions were for the wind to clock right and lighten from the 235 and 12-15 knots at the 11 a.m. start. And that is exactly what it did. There were quite a few boats called over early in the start for the blue and pink fleets. We started late at the boat end and almost squeezed between the RC and UNBRIDLED. But we couldn't and were forced to continue on starboard, when we wanted to protect the right. MASQUERADE must have been over early because we were ahead of them shortly after the start. But by going to the center of the course, we got more wind and got to the weather mark in good position (about 10th). Then on the downwind we gybed early and looked to be in good position going downwind as the wind clocked right, but we ran into a hole and were passed be a number of boats. On the second upwind we climbed back into the race and were in decent shape at the second top mark. We were passed shortly after rounding by a couple of boats who went higher and faster, but GIGI and VELOCE took each other up, and we passed both of them. We finished about 14th, which (at this early stage), would be good enough to put us in the Gold fleet for Saturday and Sunday.

The second race was another story entirely. After all the boats finished, the wind died almost completely and the RC waited patiently for the wind to come in. The waited and waited and waited. When the wind finally came it was from the SSE and they did manage to get it underway posting a 1.0 mi, four leg course to 170. Yes, the wind came in from a different direction. We managed to be OCS despite a large number of boats to weather of us punched out well above the line. By the time we returned in light breeze, we were near the back of the pack. Then the wind lightened some more and by the time the first fleet made it to the first leeward mark, the wind was down to under 2 knots and the boats were going under 1 knot downwind. At that point the RC had seen enough and abandoned the race to everyone's glee. Not ten minutes later the wind was honking up to 20 knots from the NW (305). And they say that the weather is changeable in New England! By that time it was too late for the RC to start us off again, so they sent us in to try again another day. Tomorrow they will try to run three races to make up for the deficiency today. - Nelson