Saturday, November 24, 2007

Estrella Damm’s Jonathan McKee

Estrella Damm has had a tough run over the last few days as she tries to keep up with her competitors in the Barcelona World Race. Estrella Damm’s Co-Skipper Jonathan McKee gives us an honest account of what life has been like on board Estrella Damm since her passage through the second gate at the Canary Islands.
“It has been tough for the last four days to be honest…We’re trying not to take it personally…Predicating what the wind is going to do is a pretty inexact science, probably more so when you have a sailor trying to interpret the data.”
“I really enjoy the double handed, I think it’s the future. It just makes so much more sense than single handed for me. These are big powerful boats, there’s no questions about that, it’s a lot of boat even for two people, you just have to be smart about how you do things, and pace yourself and take things carefully.”
“You realise just how precarious of a position you are in when five minutes before, everything seemed totally under control. Things can go bad in a hurry. It’s just a very delicate game. The loads are pretty big. It puts the human in the way of a lot of power so you have to be pretty careful.”
“You realise these guys that we’re up against have been doing this for ten years and we have been doing this for three months. They are great boats to sail and it’s a fantastic race and when we have a moment to breathe we’re having a good time.” -