Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mike Golding out in front

Its another hot day with cloudless blue skies and 12/15kts of wind from the N/NE. Bruno and I are only called upon to manoeuvre the boat every few hours, this involves gybing and moving the stack - that means moving everything (every single thing) up to the high side of the boat. This is very steamy work in these conditions but for as long as it is paying off as it is - we plan to continue. The cycle of wind shifts is a repeat of the last two days and we have become adept at nailing each of these shifts - for the rest Ecover 3 is doing the work, cruising along smoothly and without fuss. These are relatively easy times as the boat is level dry and comfortable - the only gremlin in the works is our once a day engine oil recycling project which is both messy and hot hot hot. Read full report here