Wednesday, July 4, 2007

America's Cup: Musical Chairs and Money

The America’s Cup…it’s all about the money and a yacht race!

Now that the Cup is over it’s time to make a new deal and with all the big wigs at the table it’s going to be a great show. Ernesto holds the key to what goes on. The Spanish team will be the challengers with their 12 day old yacht club and Cayard will sign with them – I doubt that Cayard will go do the Volvo Race unless there are more entries in the next month. Plus this will help him and Coutts be able to work on the World Sailing League (what ever happened to that?) and on top of that Rolex is taking over for LV! I’m sure that Larry will shell out the money to pay for Coutts and his boys, what other choice does he have? He needs Coutts to run his show!

Spithill will stay with the Italians and I’m not sure where Baird will end up - I guess he will stay close to Bertarelli to see if he can get a ride for the next cup. Dean and Dalton will remake TNZ, Dickson might be done! The only person that is missing to make the next cup the best ever is Dennis Connor- there has to be someone in America, Mexico or Dubai that has deep pockets (and a mantel big enough for the cup to rest on) to bank roll a DC program. If you have the money let us know…we have all the contacts to make it happen! - SK
Photo by (C) ACM