Thursday, July 5, 2007

The features of the 33rd America's Cup Protocol are:

-A new 90ft overall class will be used, with a sliding, as opposed to a canting keel, to reduce draft. Alinghi design team will draft the Rule for the class.

-The Match will take place between 2009 and 2011. Depending on the venue selection.

-Valencia is the first venue option, but if that is not quickly resolved then a three month venue bid process will start.

-The Challenger Commission is scrapped and a Competition Commission will be instituted. The parties on the Commisison will consist of Competitors, the Challenger of Record and America's Cup Management (ACM). The Competitor Commission will be consultative only.

-ACM will run the Match and Challenger Selection Series (previously the Louis Vuitton Cup).

-The Defender (Alinghi) will be allowed to race in the CCS but not in the Final of the CCS.

-The single Jury has been split into an Arbitration Panel and an International Jury, which will hear sailing matters. The Arbitration Panel will hear commercial and non-sailing matters and may also be a level of appeal form Jury decisions.

-No racing in the new class for 18 months, Existing boats to the ACC V5 Rule will be used for Qualification regattas before that time.

-Michel Bonnefous to step back from his current role in ACM