Monday, July 2, 2007

Mumm 30s Tour de France: Take a Pounding

The fleet of Mumm 30s, which sailed upwind along the Côte d’Opale this afternoon in a 25 knots wind with strong blows, is expected tonight in Dieppe. Hard weather conditions for the sailors and the boats, which left the harbour of Dunkerque at 6am. After sailing ashore to avoid the current, the crews are sailing back to the open sea to find the wind which starts to calm down… It is going to be a long night!

The quiet breeze of the early morning quickly turned into a strong wind for the thirty competitors of the Tour de France Sailing Race. Nicolas Radot, reported in an official radio vacation during the rallying that the current, which faced the wind until 3pm created a big swell with waves up to two meters high. According to the skipper of Espoirs Aquitains, “it is exhausting for the boat which bangs in the waves. But it will be better once the current has changed”. The current changed indeed, the Mumm 30s sailed along the coast at 3pm in order not to undergo the facing current.

Photo © Juerg Kaufmann