Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pull out the Whomper!

You have to love the sport of sailing... you never know what people are going to invent! This is the Parasailor by ISTEC. They claim it to be a breakthrough in sail design and will set a new standard in sailing. We just think it's really cool looking!

The sail is divided into an upper and a lower section. This allows a profiled, three-dimensional, pressure–filled wing to be positioned into the air current of the opening between the two sections. This wing was developed in a similar way to a paraglider or kite surfer ram air kite using a special profile and it creates considerable forward motion (1) and lift (2). This decreases the horizontal force (3) on the spinnaker head and the resulting moment, and relieves considerably the pressure on the bow. Because of the internal force, the wing part of the parasailor² acts as lateral support and stabilizes the sides.

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