Sunday, July 8, 2007

Katie Couric on the America's Cup & Sailing

It not often that sailing gets a lot of press in the US, but it was nice to read the viewpoint of one America's most popular news celebrities. Here is a part of what Katie has to say:

"Like most Americans, I saw sailing as elitist, not nearly as challenging or dynamic as baseball or football or basketball. I’ve heard people say it’s about as exciting as watching grass grow. Wrong.

Sailing’s a beautiful, majestic sport, one that requires tremendous team effort. I can tell you this first-hand because I actually had an opportunity to go to the 32nd America’s Cup, the one that ended today. Since Switzerland has no coastline, the races were held in Valencia, Spain, in the gorgeous waters of the Mediterranean. I saw three races, and I’m hooked. In one, the lead changed half a dozen times, something I was told almost never happens. Winds shifted. Sailors scrambled. Sails blew out, sending wafts of red cloth high into the air and then into the sea. And what I couldn’t help thinking is that it’s such a shame more people don’t appreciate how exciting sailing can be".

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