Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Big Waves and Wind Continue at the Tour

Tour de France Sailing Race Update:

The fleet is moving steady since 6:26 am in a 7 knot speed heading for Cherbourg. Since the departure of Dieppe, the Mumm 30’s are navigating in a 15 to 20 knot wind. In the first poll in front of Le Havre this morning Elcimai- Ville de Marseille was taking the lead.
With a wind in the 150°, the Mumm 30’s of The Tour de France Sailing Race are heading towards Cherbourg where they will stop and rest for the night, a decision that was made by the Race Committee yesterday due to hard weather conditions. They will decide the final hour of departure tomorrow at the morning briefing at 10 am.
The skipper of Côtes D’Armor, Mickaël Aveline, told us about the rallying conditions in an official radio session “ We are constantly hiking the same side, big waves are making it a little bit hard for the boat but everything is fine with the crew”. The boats are navigating close to one and other, even 8 hours into the race the leaders sail only 200 to 300 meters before the boat in the tenth position.

Thanks to Juerg Kaufmann of the photos:
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