Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pegasus in the trades

Photo Philippe Kahn
Pegasus Racing 101 - Update July 19th, 19:45 utc - lat 25 32 N, lon 129 35 W

It is now a tough job at keeping everything going on the boat with just the two of us. I mean everything. On a fully crewed boat you have trimmers, bowmen, navigators, helmsmen, cooks. The two of us split all of these responsibilities. Richard does the trimming, the bow and the cooking. We split the driving and I do the navigation and the blog. We’re a great team. No job too big, no job too small. When we have to, we both pick up anything. When we do sail changes, it’s full on. In the last 6 hours we went through 2 spinnakers and staysails. We now have our big gear up - the A2 with the bigger spinnaker staysail. We’re surfing our way to Hawaii. Just like they said in the brochure. - Philippe Kahn