Friday, July 13, 2007

Unleash The Hounds - Transpac 2007

Update from Swan 45 Rancho Deluxe Transpac 2007

We started Thursday, a uncommonly beautiful day in SoCal. As we left the harbor, the announcer introduced Rancho Deluxe and crew to the crowd. John Diepenbrock was credited as being the youngest person in this years race. We got a fantastic start (pat on the back Seadon) and then hit the fast forward button and found ourselves clear of Catalina by 3:30 We then reached South and were off to the races as we broad reached across the ocean. Sails went up, sails went down and then back up but we have yet to tack - not once.

The wind blew 17-25 knots all night as we reached acrossed the waves. In the category of "gee that was interesting" a US Navy ship appeared out of no where and fired a missle straight to the heavens and then left as fast as she arrived. Not something we see every day in Carmichael. Today is Friday and we just 11:00 hoisted our first spinnaker...having said that I'm hearing noises on deck about changing the sail already...ah yes, sailboat racing. We are optimistic get get our position report and standing back from the Race Committee, but to bed!

- Jim Diepenbrock

Photos by Jim Diepenbrock