Friday, July 20, 2007

Groupama 3 breakneck speed 39.4 knots

North Atlantic Record
Leaving New York yesterday, Thursday 19th July at 18:02'55''TU, on its attempt at the North Atlantic record (New York - Lizard point), currently held by Bruno Peyron with 4 days 8 hours 23 minutes 54 seconds, Franck Cammas and his nine crew have had a spectacular start to the course! Drawing on the quintessence of Groupama 3 on flat seas blown by a strong S'ly wind, the crew is stripping away the miles at breakneck speed. Clocked at 39.4 knots at midday, Groupama 3 had nearly a 44 mile lead* over Orange 2's time at 1600 UK time today.
Already 682 miles devoured! At 1600 hours UK time, after 21 hours at sea, Groupama 3 had already covered 682 miles. An important figure as in addition to the North Atlantic record, Franck and his men are also aiming for the record for the greatest distance covered in 24 hours. This has been the `property' of Bruno Peyron and Orange 2 since July 2006, with 766.8 miles on the speedo. Verdict this evening at 20:02'55''