Thursday, July 26, 2007

America's Cup Total BS!

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Today in Valencia Ernesto Bertarelli used part of his press conference to attack Larry Ellison. We chose to select just one phrase from Ernesto Bertarelli, which symbolises the relation between the two: "Bull shit!”It is also worth mentioning that the America’s Cup Management, the management appointed by Ernesto Bertarelli to lead the competition, seems to be under pressure. Victory Challenge was not allowed to attend the press conference since the team’s communications manager, as well as those from other potential challengers, were stopped at the door. - From Bert Willborg/Victory Challenge

You have got to be kidding! Who does this guy think he is? We thought the Cup was great...but it seems that it has gone to his head and has turned it into a joke! Nice job Erne! What a way to pi$$ all over the cup! -SK