Sunday, July 29, 2007

Opti Worlds Photos and Results

Opti Team Racing
1. Greece 2. Singapore 3. Ecuador
The team racing event, held in ideal 12-15 knot winds and completed with in six hours, was full of surprises.Former medallists Peru and Poland did not even qualify. Then in the first race top seeds New Zealand lost out to the Netherlands 18-18 when their lead sailor crossed the finish line first to lose the race. Italy, seeded 3, went down to Ecuador.
Results of Team racing:

Opti Worlds
Only one race was sailed on Day 3 due to light and falling winds.
Chris Steele (NZL), Benjamin Grez (CHI) and Lucas Swan (BRA) have now established a clear lead and are expected to be near the top of the leaderboard when the first discard is taken after Race 6 (sorry for the error yesterday). Many of those affected by OCS/BFD penalties in Race 3 did not score well today though there are some notable exceptions such as Sacha Pelisson (FRA).