Friday, July 20, 2007

in 16 knots of breeze...

Photo Richard Clarke - click on image to enlarge
Pegasus racing update July 20th, 21:45 utc - lat 25 38 N, lon 134 31 W
After rain squall piled upon rain squall, refreshing but very light breeze, we managed to catch a squall that had 22 knots of breeze in front of it and ride it for 45 minutes. We chose to sail low in front of it because jibing quickly is not an option with the the two of us on a powered up 50 foot boat - twice the size of a Melges 24 and 4 times the loads! As our ride started to fizzle out, the sky cleared, the puffy trade wind clouds reappered and we're now sailing in 16 knots of breeze, lively seas, and pointing right at Honolulu.- Philippe Kahn